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Best Cards Against Humanity

Which is the Best Cards Against Humanity in 5 version?

The main version or 4 expansions version is the Best of Cards Against Humanity!!!

That is the all, because the each expansion must play along with the main version, so you should read article reviews to learn more about the best of cards against humanity!

The Best Cards Against Humanity is a multiplayer satire party game, that can be purchased as a published hard copy, or downloaded as a free download. It is a satirical game, and the title reflects its politically incorrect content. Unlike most of the common card games played during parties, this game is as awkward and as politically incorrect as you and your friends.

How To Play Cards Against Humanity?

To start the game, a player draws out ten white cards, which are the answer cards, and then one random player picks a black card which is the question card. This player is referred to as the Card Czar, and he begins the game by reading out the question to the group. Each player then answers the question by handing one white card to the Card Czar, face down.

The Card Czar then shuffles the cards and then reads them out aloud in a funny fashion and picks out his favorite. The person who played that card then gets to retain that black card and earns one awesome point. The game then goes on and a new player then becomes the Czar and each player then picks another white card to return to their original ten cards.

The black question cards usually have a fill in the blank statement question, or ask a question directly. Sometimes a black card can have a question that requires multiple answer cards; this is an exception to the rule, known as ‘Pick 2s’ or ‘Pick 3s’ as the case may be. The game has a number of house rules, and sometimes the players can shuffle the rules of the game to suit their game.

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The Best Cards Against Humanity have 4 expansion and an original:

best cards against humanity

This game was started by an alumni group of the Highland Park High School and was financed via the website Kick-starter. It exceeded its global funding by almost 300% at the end of the project in January 2011. It received praise as a being simple, yet very well executed. Critics and lovers of the game have, however, warned that this game is not for individuals who are easily offended or faint of heart.

This is because the nature of the questions and answers in the game is generally off-putting and often offensive. The game began with 8 core writers, 6 extra part-time developers and a variety of friends or acquaintances who were available to play the game. In October of 2011, the game’s first expansion was announced officially, and contained 12 blank cards and 100 new cards. These sold out in just under 3 days and the second and third expansions were released in March and August 2012, respectively.

Update 2013: New Card Games – Fourth Expansion Of Cards Against Humanity

You can play the game with as little as three players or you as many as 12 players. The only limit on the number of players will be the number of cards provided in the pack, but if you have purchased expansion packs, this will probably not be much of a problem. If you are playing with a lesser number of players, you can choose to adjust the rules so that each player puts down two white cards instead of just one. This will keep the game interesting.

Best Cards Against Humanity

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Reviews comments about the game include comments such as “pretty amazing”, “the game your party deserves”, “uncontrollable laughter” and “an incredible game”. Some of the pros of playing this game include:


  • Uncontrollable laughter and fun with friends
  • Allows you to display your witty, sick, politically incorrect sense of humor, without insulting anyone
  • Has expansion packs with more and better questions and answers, which keep the game interesting
  • The quality of the cards is excellent, and you can play with them for quite a long time

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  • Can ruin your friendship, especially if you are playing with a friend who is easily offended, or one who has a vendetta and is trying to get back at you
  • The game sold out very fast which meant that unless you bought it when they were released, you are not likely to get the game

So, It is the best game, Best Cards Against Humanity! If you want to make a party interesting, or you have over a number of friends who you know would love to play, then this is the game for you. The game sold out very fast on most online shopping sites, but you can still get a pack from Amazon at a good price. This game will add a lot of sizzle to your party, and make you the best party host among your friends.

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